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5 Great Places to Date Vape in Los Angeles

sexy vape girl

If you’re a vape fan living in Los Angeles, listen up!

As you may or may not know, newly elected Mayor Eric Garcetti intends to sign a bill that would outlaw e-cigarettes, personal vaporizers (PV), and vape pens in public places like parks, restaurants, and pretty much any workplace that isn’t a bar or dedicated “vapor lounge.” This resolution was passed by the LA City Council at the end of February but it has been languishing on Mayor Garcetti’s desk since the vote happened on March 4. Until Garcetti decides whether or not to sign the resolution into law, we suggest the following 5 spots in the Greater Los Angeles area to use your favorite Pulsar personal vaporizer while out on the town with your significant other. Don’t have a significant other? Have no fear, this list works for singles too. By the end of this post you’ll be ready to #DateVape like a pro!

Nicole Richie at Runyon Canyon with Cara Santana

1. Runyon Canyon – One of my favorite places to go running, this place never has parking but it does have plenty of eye candy. If you’re in need of some visual titilation and you’re running short on twenties, I highly suggest taking the Pulsar 7 Vaporizer for a little hike/jog/run around the dusty hills and trails of Runyon Canyon situated just west of Griffith Observatory in the Hollywood Hills. Who knows? You might even run into a celebrity like Nicole Richie or Cara Santana (pictured below) or you might just meet a friendly stray dog. If you play your cards right, you may encounter a sexy jogger or yogini and score some digits. Either way, it’s always an adventure at Runyon Canyon.

Dodger Stadium Bird's Eye View

2. Dodger Stadium – Now that baseball season is in full swing, you can get your vape on in the somewhat amiable confines of Chavez Ravine. A couple years ago this place wasn’t exactly the most family friendly, unless you consider your gang your family. Just two years ago the Dodger Stadium parking lot was the scene of a nearly fatal beating of an opposing team’s fan. But with Magic Johnson running the show, the Dodgers are a contender again, and there are security lights in the parking lot so your date will feel super safe and secure. I suggest making this your first date with Ms. Runyon from Vape Spot 1. Just grab your Pulsar Ninja, some tasty wax, buy her some peanuts and crackerjacks, and you’ll have a high-larious time out at the ol’ ballgame.

Point Mugu Park

3. Point Mugu State Park – This is the best place for beach camping in Southern California. One of my favorite memories was camping here with my buddy Curtis and his fiancee. We took to the surf and had one hell of a time in the waves; lots of people don’t realize that Point Mugu is one of the best locations on the Pacific Coast Highway for surfing enthusiasts. This is because of the way the land curves northward at the point. You get lots of bodacious breakers due to the the gnarly topography and shifting wind currents. It’s only $20 to rent a place to camp; no life guards on duty though so be sure someone in your group is CPR trained if you’re going to brave the waves of the Point. These waves can be treacherous at times so you definitely don’t want to surf alone; make sure that you and your lady friend keep a close eye on each other while navigating the breakers. Oh, and we suggest waiting til you’re safely on shore before ripping your favorite Pulsar Vape at Point Mugu.

Santa Monica ferris wheel

4. Santa Monica Ferris Wheel – The centerpiece of Pacific Park at the tip of the Santa Monica pier on the Pacific Ocean, the Ferris Wheel is a great place to enjoy a panoramic sunset and an amazing view of the City of Angels. It’s not really a thrill ride so much as a place tailor made for makeouts. We suggest bringing your Pulsar Buck Naked Vaporizer and the hot date whose digits you scored at Runyon Canyon. She’ll go nuts for your delicious e-liquid, and who knows? Maybe she’ll go for your nuts too.

La Brea tar pit Mammoth

5. La Brea Tar Pits – You can vape your Pulsar Vortex while checking out the petrified remains of a Saber Toothed Tiger or even an Ice Age Bumblebee. This place is incredible; it’s a living, breathing science fair in action. Not only do they have the museum with artifcats found and studied from the excavation, you can actually watch live excavations in process. This is where the world’s leading paleontologists go to find the largest deposits of Ice Age era fossils. It’s the Super Bowl of archaeology right here in our own backyard. Okay so it’s not exactly anyone’s backyard. It’s actually in the middle of the thriving Wilshire Blvd business district, which makes it even more amusing that this is a mecca for scientists worldwide. Still the sludgy tar will go great with the hash oil you’re vaporizing in your Pulsar Stylus vaporizer. We put this one last because the tar pit is one of those date places you don’t necessarily want to lead with.

Gotta make sure she’s down with Wooly Mammoths before whipping out your Mastodon!

Hope that this list has helped you with some ideas for your next #DateVape. If you have any questions or suggestions for other great places to vape in Los Angeles before the tyrannical restrictions take effect, please let me know!


Vaping on the open road

There are million different places you can vape, that’s what has made them so popular.  Today I will list some of my favorite spots around the country to vaporize weed.  Sometimes I vape e-juice too but I use the Pulsar 7 strictly for marijuana.  I travel a lot because of my career, it might now have been the best choice coming out of college but it has become a lucrative one.  I am door to door salesman that specializes in toasters, I know it sounds ridiculous but trust me when I say no one else is doing it and I have pretty much cornered the market.  Now back to vaping.  On my first sales trip I drove by the beer can house in Houston, Texas.  I was blown away and could not take my eyes off it.  I stopped immediately, pulled out my Pulsar 7 and started vaping.  The house was a majestic site glittering in the bright Houston sun.  I would like to think that they drank each and everyone of those beers themselves but was unable to find out for sure.  I knocked on the door but no one was home, I heard they are friendly and open their house to curious strangers so I had to try.  If I make my way back to Texas again I will certainly stop back by.  Here is a picture we took from the street.

Beer Can Vaping

Beer Can Vaping

That was a great first stop but there were still more locations left to vape, from Texas I would travel out to Mississippi.  Since I am huge fan of poker I decided to do some river boat gambling.  I had been to casinos before but never one that floated.  This was the perfect setting for my vape pen, I sat down at the poker table and began puffing thick clouds of vapor.  Since others were smoking cigars the smell of my weed being vaped did not even raise an eyebrow.  I got really stoned and fell into the zone, fold, raise, call, all-in!  I could do no wrong, vaping marijuana definitely gave me the edge playing against all these old men sipping whiskey and ogling the waitresses.  I don’t remember how much I won that night but it was enough to take me to my next destination, Oklahoma.  Before we talk about that though check out this picture of the boat I was vaping on.

Riverboat Vaping

Riverboat Vaping

Even though Oklahoma had a pretty poor toaster centric demographic I decided to try my luck there anyway after the success I had in Mississippi playing poker.  I figured I should press my luck and ride the hot streak.  I have always loved the Midwest and and old cowboy movies, so the next place to check off my bucket list was of course a good old rodeo.  Rodeos are action packed and a blast to go to, just don’t forget your vaporizer.  Vaping some herbs and watching people get flipped off of horses is a fun way to blow off some steam.  I spent about a week there and had an absolute blast, I definitely look forward to going back there even though it wasn’t my most profitable stop along the path less vaped.  You can see me here vaping outside the rodeo and checking out some cool local merchandise.

Rodeo Vaping

Rodeo Vaping

After Oklahoma I was headed into new territory, I was on my to the Dakotas.  I had heard a lot about them but never actually made my way.  I figured since I had been to almost every state I need to finish off my trip and vape one for the late great presidents at Mount Rushmore.  This was a very emotional stop for me, being born and raised in Washing D.C. I have always had a strong love for the presidents and especially the founding fathers.  Standing underneath the presidents and looking at the beautiful stone carvings was a great place to sit back and vaporize some marijuana with my Pulsar 7 portable pen vape.  You can see how spectacular the view is and why it is such an amazing place to vaporizer.

Mount Rushmore Vaping Sunset

Mount Rushmore Vaping Sunset

Well that’s it for today, I will finish part two of my favorite places to vape next week.

What you didn’t know about the Pulsar 7

The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is very sleek, slim and compact. It is shaped like your typical pen unit and considerably more durable than most others in the same price range.  This great little herbal vaporizer also comes with one button activation; it not only provides the user with portability but great usability to boot. All pen vaporizers run the risk of combustion but once you figure out the differences in temperatures you will be able to vape with confidence in no time at all.

The unit is powered by batteries, the Pulsar does heat up very quickly which is a bonus and a great addition to it being so small and lightweight. Most pen vapes heat up quickly but this particular vaporizer excels at it.  The Pulsar 7 uses an internal rechargeable battery which provides a long battery life on just a single charge.  You will be able to get multiple sessions out of each charge and don’t forget to save your ABV. You can re-use the vaped marijuana later.  Just look online for some of the different recipes. The Pulsar 7 comes with a USB charger allowing you to get charged back up and vaping pretty much anywhere.

The Pulsar 7 works with a “one button” activation system, which makes this device easy to use. All you have to do is hold down this button for 10 seconds and that is it, the device is ready to use and you can start medicating. This is my go to pen vape for soccer games and outdoor picnics.  There is nothing better than camping out under a tree during the summer time and vaping away your favorite blends.

This vaporizer has an LED light display for both the heating element and charger. This vaporizer also has a high quality ceramic heating that ensures that your herbs are vaporized safely and efficiently. Just run over to your favorite dispensary and grab some prescribed medicine, then you are good to go.

The device also comes with a locking feature; all you have to do is push the LED button three times in a row. The button then should blink three times to indicate that the device is locked. To unlock the Pulsar 7 vaporizer all you have to do is press the LED button thrice. This is great for walking around, you won’t have to worry about vaping your herbs while the pen is in your pocket.  I have heard countless stories of people vaping all there weed accidentally when they did not intend to.

There is no temperature control on this device but that is pretty much standard for pen vaporizers.  Most pens only have one temperature setting and is the reason they are prone to combustion.

Super Bowl Sunday with the Pulsar 7 Vaporizer

pen-style pulsar 7The beginning of the year is an exciting time for a variety of reasons. Obviously it’s a near year, but there are a couple of things that I always look forward to when January rolls around.  Being a big football fan, I am always excited for the super bowl even if my favorite team is not playing. One of the fun things about the Super Bowl regardless if you enjoy football is the event.  Super Bowl Sunday is a day when friends and family meet for a day of food and football watching.  I can’t wait for this year’s as last year’s was a very remarkable experience mainly because of my little device I brought with me.  This device is the Pulsar 7 Vaporizer, a pocket vaporizer that excels at vaporizing dry herbs.

Using the Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is perfect for times when you need something that is really portable.  I can leave it on my pocket, and whenever I am ready to use it I just simply press the heating button and take some hits. Only thing that is needed is to have a charged unit as well of course some herb disposable to pack the chamber. The Super Bowl is nearly 3 hours long so you can last a good amount of that time frame with a completely charged Pulsar 7 Vaporizer. An interesting thing about the Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is how well it conserves the material better then another dry herb style vaporizer.  Lot of the other units either burn to quickly or eventually end combusting, with the 7 it’s not as common and you can finally enjoy the use of a dry herb pen-style vaporizer. The Super Bowl is just one event that you can experience the Pulsar 7 to its fullest.

Pulsar 7 Vaporizer Tips

With any vaporizer there are always techniques and tricks to get the most of the vaporization experience. The new portable vaporizers while come in different varieties and styles all have some similar functionality features. This is especially the case with the pen-style units which incorporate heating chambers/atomizers. The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is a herbal vape which uses a heating chamber as well and there are a couple of things to take note of to ensure maximum performance.

Pen style units in general can be tricky if you’re looking to get a big rip, with a lot of vapor production. Once the battery is fully charged, make sure you pack sufficient amount of dry herbs into the chamber. Don’t overfill it, but make sure that it’s packed firmly to ensure good heating. When you’re ready to take a hit, a good suggestion is to kind of prime it by preheating holding it down for 5-10 seconds to make sure it’s up to temperature. Once this is achieved, start taking hits by pressing the button. A useful technique is taking quick sips or pulls instead of a sucking a motion.  After a couple of uses try stirring the herbs around so everything gets heated thoroughly.

The Design of the Pulsar 7 Vaporizer Makes It Stand Out

Since pen-style vaporizers have gained such a huge following over the past couple of years, I have managed to get my hands on a couple to try out personally. The main features I like about pen-style vaporizers is their overall look and feel. It’s great that I can just fit them very conveniently in my pocket or bag in any situation. Even when I’m using them they are discreet enough to not draw unwanted attention and they heat up pretty quick which is optimal for on the go usage. One of the drawbacks of these type of units is there styling and design can be kind of dull. I have noticed that the majority of the units lack a certain feel when held in your hand, and are all pretty much very similar.

The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is one pen-style units that definitely stands out from the rest of them. At first glance you will notice how compact and balanced the Pulsar 7 looks. When you first pick it up you will also notice how the smooth surface feels comfortable and perfect for a pen-style vaporizer.  A lot of the pen-styles might look the same but only a couple of different ones are unique enough to make them stand out. Not neglecting functionality, the Pulsar 7 is one of the few vaporizers that is purposefully made for using dry herbs. This was something I was looking for as I have common across very few designed to be used with dry material only. With this compatibility feature it keeps the Pulsar 7 simple and straightforward. Add to that look and appeal of the design of the unit and you got something that is hard to be in terms of a pen-style vaporizer. The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer will continue to be my choice for using herbs in a portable.

Ensure Proper Vaporization using the Pulsar 7 Marijuana Vaporizer

Pen-style units offer the sleekness and portability that is not found in any other types of vaporizer. Some say they might lack the performance abilities of home units or even non pen-style units. I can see the argument but overall it’s how use it, as well your expectations of the product. The Pulsar 7 Marijuana Vaporizer as a pen-style unit is one of the best pen-styles for straight dry blends. A lot of these types are designed for concentrates but Pulsar released a very effective one for dry blends.  To make sure you get the optimal performance and consistent functionality from the Pulsar 7, there a couple of crucial things to take note of. A lot of these methods if paid attention to, will make sure the Pulsar 7 works to its utmost potential without facing the typical problems which occur with pen-style vapes. An enjoyable vaporization experience is definitely still possible.

What many people complain about when it comes to these pen-style vapes is the fact they don’t heat your blends well enough to get sufficient vapor production. While these types of units will not produce the same amount of vapor or as quick as a home unit, you can still get a decent amount to satisfy your needs. First off, make sure not to over pack the chamber as it can be harder to heat thoroughly leading to not much vapor being produced. Preheating the vaporizer by holding down the button for 5-10 seconds should get it hot enough to start vaping. A lot of people forget to preheat it and wonder why it’s not working as accepted. After a good amount of hits try to stir the herbs around the chamber so you get the most out of them. Over time you should start to get a feel for the unit and get a good flow of vapor with each session.

Great Value with the Pulsar 7 Pen Vape

Vape Pulsar 7Many folks looking to buy a portable vaporizer especially the super popular handheld pens devices want the best deals. From cheap ones to high end ones which can run upwards of hundred dollars, getting the best price along with reliable quality is an essential part of buying a vaporizer.  If you’re like me who invests a lot of money on a top-notch product for home use, a portable unit should be something that is a bitter cheaper offering great value. Overall portable vapes are not going to be as reliable as desktop plug-in units. If I am going to be spending a good chunk of my money I want to make sure it will last a long time. With this in mind I am willing to spend large amounts of money on a plug-in unit and less for a portable. Don’t get it twisted that just because you’re not going to spend too much money on a portable unit, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad product. The Pulsar 7 Pen Vape is the ideal for product for casual or experienced user of vaporizers.

I have to admit that at first I was pretty skeptical about portable vaporizers in general. I had the impression they would be really expensive for what you’re actually getting. Trusting the functionality of a very small unit that vaporizers can be hard as even the bigger desktop units aren’t perfect. When I first had the chance to use a portable vape it was a type of pen-style unit. It was only compatible with waxes and oils which I wasn’t really looking for and it cost a fortune. What I really wanted was a portable unit that could be used with dry herbs at a good value. The Pulsar 7 Pen Vape is easy to use and it’s really the product to get if you’re looking for a portable

Portable Vaporizers and Baseball

The Pulsar 7 is an amazing vaporizer, it has permanently changed the way I vaporize. Since the invention of the handheld pen style unit I have been able to vape discreetly while on the go. One of my favorite places to do it is at sporting events, I like to relax, watch the game and enjoy different herbal blends.

Baseball is my favorite sport to watch while vaping, I recently attended a game at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. The stadium is beautiful and has a very relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to vaporization.

The game I attended was on Monday, August 12, 2013. It was a great game, Texas Rangers vs the Houston Astros.  It was a very close game, and a pleasure to watch Yu Darvish almost throw a no hitter.

“It was pretty similar [to April 2],” said Houston manager Bo Porter. “Again, you’re talking about a guy who has top-line stuff, knows how to use it. He throws all his pitches in any count, he pluses and minuses his fastball. First one of the game was 89 [mph]. You look up three innings later, and he’s throwing 96, and it’s all coming from the same arm slot. It’s pretty good.”

Unfortunately for the Astros the Texas Ranger win meant a four game sweep for the Rangers.  But all of that took a back seat to my amazing seats and my Pulsar 7 vaporizer.  I sat just a few rows back from third base and enjoyed a three inning vapor session with the complete stranger sitting next to me.  We talked about all the different stadiums we had visited and the best places in each stadium to vape.

We tried to count all of the different ball parks we had been to and found that we attended all of them except for a few.  The only places we had not been to were, Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona, Safeco Field in Seattle Washington, PETCO Park in San Diego California and Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City Missouri.  I plan to travel to San Diego this fall and have every intention of brining my personal portable vape, the Pulsar 7.

Vaporizers and Baseball

The Pulsar 7 Pen-Style Vape is One of a Kind

Those familiar with using pen-styles vapes will likely notice how discreet and useful it is to carry one around. Pen-styles are small enough to fit in the smallest of places including your pocket, but they are also able function fairly well. Granted you are not going to get the best hits if you’re comparing it to a plug-in which can cost upwards of $200.00, but if portability and value is important to you then pen units are where it’s at. This phenomenon of pen-styles is relatively new in the market. With a bunch of different manufacturers rushing in to join the movements there have been a variety of different styles developed. For the most part concentrate compatibility has been the primary function in these devices. Waxes and oils are easier to store and work efficiently with smaller devices. Using dry herbs can be difficult as it takes patience and precise control to make it work well. While this might be a problem for some, using dry herbs is still the preferred method of vaporizing. The taste and feeling of dry herbs is wonderful, and with a vape it can’t get much better. If your one of those who is worried about getting a functional unit just for dry blends, then the Pulsar 7 Pen-Style should be what you’re looking for.

Most of the pen units nowadays are either really expensive or offer dual compatibility. This is nice for users who have used all kinds of substances but many people just want it strictly for dry herbs. Vapes with dual usage can have unnecessarily complicated cartridges, and often times they can be faulty. Trying to do too much in a small area can be troubling and lead to potential defects. When it comes to pen-style types, being simpler is better. The Pulsar 7 Pen-Style is one these products that offer simplicity as well as value. You don’t need to spend upwards of $100 for a portable vaporizer. A straight herbal vape like the Pulsar 7 will ensure an easy and practical experience for times to come.