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SweetWater Craft Brew Beer Releases 420 Fest Double IPA

Nothing better than Spring in the southern United States: Great food (corn bread / anything fried), barbecues, baseball, NASCAR and drinking a nice beer. Speaking of beer, SweetWater just released their 420 Fest Double IPA. The perfect beer for all your 420 celebrations.

This beer is brewed with 100-percent Marris Otter grain. This ingredient makes this beer have a nice clean, malty finish. This full-bodied beer contains 8 percent ABV. In fact, the brew masters used more than 460 pounds of hops (almost 2 pounds per barrel) to make this beer.

The 420 Fest Double IPA will be available only this spring on tap or in cold boxes in 220-oz bombers.

For more info on SweetWater Brewing Co. and 420 Fest Double IPA, please visit

SweetWater 420 Fest Double IPA

SweetWater 420 Fest Double IPA

Why you need a pen vaporizer now!

Good Pen Vapes for Weed

Good Pen Vapes for Weed

You have probably been wondering why it is worth switching to over to a vape pen. Most people ask themselves “Is a vaporizer pen really worth it?”, then they go back to their trusty rolling papers and forget all about it. Well it is time to rethink pen vaporizers all together, when they were first released a lot of them were lacking in the production department.  Now that we have had such substantial gains in vaporizer technology things have really started to change.  Vaporizers like the Pulsar 7 are harnessing that technology and really pushing the limits of what we thought was possible.  As pen vapes for weed continue to become more powerful they are also becoming more portable and easier to use.  The Pulsar 7 features one-button activation which is just astonishing when you compare them to the pen vapes of old.  Older herbal pen models basically required a user manual, a wrench, a battery the size of your car and a laundry list of other tools to fix it when it broke down.

The Pulsar 7 is not the only pen vaporizer out there that works well though, there is now a variety of other options.  The T-Vape is a new vaporizer that is seriously starting to make a splash on the vaporizer scene.  It is one of the best pen vaporizers for dry herbs by far and has an extremely efficient oven that heats up super fast.  The T-Vape also allows you customize the size of the vaporizer by mixing and matching the different ovens and batteries.  There is a small and a large battery as well as a small and large over.  This provides with different configurations and ensures that you can vape however you want to easily.  My favorite is the super small build with the small battery and over, but the it is nice to pack the bigger battery with you if you plan on vaping all day long.  You can get the T-Vape in Black, Red and Blue.  The Black vape pen is best if you are trying to stay stealthy and not draw any unwanted attention while you vape.  The Red is better if you feeling flashy and looking to make a statement with your vaporizer pen.

If you are in the market for a slick oil pen vaporizer than the White Rhino Sleek is a great option.  It comes in Orange, Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Blue and Black.  It is definitely one of the more eye-catching vaporizers for waxes and oils and comes with an advanced funnel cartridge that is easy to fill.  White Rhino makes a whole lot of different pens too, they are one of the top manufactures for a reason.  The White Rhino Sleek is also very inexpensive cost just $54.99 which means that even it breaks or you lost it you wont be out a ton of cash.  Like with all vaporizer pens for waxes and oils it is important to remember to clean your pen often.  Failure to properly maintain your pen can cause it to overheat and break.  No one wants to break their fancy new toy just a few weeks after they start vaping.  If you need help cleaning your vaporizer there are a ton of different Youtube videos you can watch that will help make sure you are doing it properly.

Who makes the best pen vapes for weed in todays current market?

Pulsar 7 Vaporizers

Pulsar 7 Vaporizers

The fact that Pulsar has been dominating the market the past several years had to led to a lot of debate.  Does Pulsar makes the best pen vaporizers for marijuana?  We have been taking surveys all around the nation and so far the results have been pretty lopsided.  Pulsar definitely took the lead but the surprising vaporizer manufacturer that is in second place so far is Grenco Science.  Grenco Science makes the super popular G Pen vaporizer and they have done a wonderful job at marketing to their audience.  The G Pen comes with a very reliable battery that heats up fast and was heralded as one of the most responsive batteries of 2014.  It also comes with a 1 year warranty, G Pen vaporizer coil, G Tool, G Pen wall adapter, handy USB charger, 2 glass cannabis vaporizer containers and a pamphlet full of insightful tips.

While most experts will still agree that the Pulsar Vortex is superior to the G Pen vaporizer people have been in an uproar about who should be crowned king.  The Pulsar Vortex vaporizer for wax is a compact and sleek, it was designed to impress.  It comes with two atomizers, detailed instruction manual, wax dabber tool and a trustworthy dabber tool.  It sells for just $79.99 which is great deal by anyone’s standard.  It should also be noted that the Pulsar Vortex wax pen vaporizer comes in a variety of colors, you can get it in Black, Blue, Red Silver or White.  People have said that the Puslar Vortex will soon become the pen vaporizer that all other pen vapes are modeled after.  We would not go as far as saying that but the fact that Pulsar is selling out on shelves across the country is true.  If you are looking for a reliable pen vaporizer that will always vape when and where you need it to the Pulsar Vortex is an outstanding choice.

Not everyone needs a pen vaporizer, some people are looking for a vape that is more substantial with greater power.  If you are in the market for a tabletop vaporizer I would recommend considering the VaporBlunt Baker Dab vaporizer.  It reaches scorching temperature of +700 degrees and is one of the wax vaporizers we have ever seen.  The ceramic heating element is made with only the highest quality materials and the simple to use controls means that basically any medical marijuana patient will be able to use it right out of the box.  It easily attaches to most water filtration systems which a must now with concentrates.  The VaporBlunt Baker Dab vaporizer sells for around $250 at most online stores, some retailers are offering discounts on it as well.  If you paying more than $250 for your VaporBlunt Baker Dab vaporizer make sure to take a second look at some other offers.

The complete line of Pulsar vapes

While the Pulsar 7 is undoubtedly Pulsar’s most popular pen vape it is certainly not the only one they manufacture.  Lets take a look at some of their other pen vaporizers for weed.

Pulsar SuperNova Mini Vaporizer – This cool little pen is great for herbs or wax.  It comes a 350mah battery, dry herb heating chamber, wax atomizer, USB atomizer, USB adapter, one wall charger, vape tool, cleaning brush and one instruction manual.

Pulsar SuperNova Vaporizer – The bigger brother to the aforementioned Mini the SuperNova comes with an LED screen.  There is one major difference however, the larger SuperNova is intended to for use only with loose leaf material and not wax.

Pulsar Triad Vaporizer – A triple threat vaporizer, the Triad is capable of vaporizing herbs, oils and waxes.  You activate the Triad the single click of a button and 180mah battery fires right up.  If you are looking for a cheap vaporizer that is versatile and easy to use look no further.

Pulsar Gemini Vaporizer – Retailing for the low price of $79.99 the Pulsar Gemini is dual purpose vaporizer tasked with vaping herbs and waxes.  It comes with a protective heat cover and a 350mah battery.  You can get the Gemini in either black or silver.

Buck Naked Skinny Vaporizer – Personally one my favorite vaporizers that Pulsar makes the Buck Naked Skinny is great for e-juice.  It comes in all of these different colors: Black, White, Silver, Purple, Pink, Green, Gold and Blue.

Buck Naked Vaporizer – An easy to use vaporizer that is meant to be used with juices and oils.  The Buck Naked vaporizer comes with a traveling case, USB charger, clearomizer liquid tank and a rechargeable battery.

Pulsar Vortex Vaporizer – Sleek and Compact the Vortex is vaporizer built for cannabis concentrates.  The advanced cartridge system makes it easy to load the pen with your favorite wax.  It heats up fast and deliver thick, rich vapor.

Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer – This is the newly upgraded version 2.0 model.  It features a new and improved atomizer and is very easy to use, a great beginner vaporizer that is powerful enough for the pros.  It comes in Black, White, Silver, Red, Green and Blue.

Pulsar Stylus Vaporizer – Being on the smallest and most compact vaporizer that Pulsar makes it is no wonder while this vaporizer has become so popular the last year.  It also an extremely powerful 650mah variable voltage battery that lasts much longer than its competitors.

Pulsar Element Vaporizer – The newest vaporizer to debut from Pulsar the Element is an elegant wooden vape for weed.  It is very discreet and heats up lightning fast.  It is one of the cooler looking vaporizers to come out in a while and reminiscent of an old wooden pipe.

FAQ’s about weed pen vapes

Pulsar 7 FAQs

Pulsar 7 FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get via twitter and email.

Q: How do I know when I have got full use of my weed that is being vaped?

A: The herbs should turn a dark chocolatey brown, and be dry and crispy to the touch.  The color of ABV (already been vaped) could also be compared to dried tobacco.  If you continue to vape your weed after most of the active ingredients have been extracted and all of the moisture has left the plant material you can run the risk of combustion.

Q: How important is it to grind my marijuana or herbs before I load it into my vaporizer?

A: It is one of the most important steps in vaporizing, second only to charging your vaporizer prior to use.  Finely the grind the herbs and make sure to fill the chamber only about half way.  If you pack too much material into the heating chamber their will not be enough room for the air to flow around the marijuana, the vaporizer will clog and the heating will combust your weed.

Q: The light blinks when I press the button but the vaporizer is not heating up, why?

A: 99% of the time this will mean that you simply need to charge your battery because your vape has run out of juice.  The Pulsar 7 is very easy to use but if you have any questions whatsoever just take a look at the user manual that comes with every vape purchased from an authorized seller.

Q: My weed appears to be vaping unevenly, how often should I stir the herbs in the chambers?

A: Personally I stir them probably more than I need to but I like to do it every 3-5 draws, you can get away with 5-7 however.  Like I mentioned before make sure you grind your herbs finely, this will really help with even vaporization. The more you stir the herbs the more thoroughly your weed will be vaped.

Q: Why is there a small hole in the cover on my Pulsar 7 vaporizer?

A: The hole is there to allow a little extra air flow and help cool the vapor before you inhale.  The EZ Flow cover was designed and tested in a laboratory and really helps generate powerful clouds of vapor.  If you carry your vape pen in your pocket often you check the holes every so often to make sure they are not clogged with dust or lint, proper maintenance is important if you want to keep your pen vape running for a long time.

Q: How long is the warranty that comes with Pulsar 7 vaporizer?

A: Make sure to thoroughly read the warranty section in the back of your user manual to see exactly what is and is not covered.  The manufacturers limited warranty is 6 months from the date of purchase and covers any damages or defects that are found to be a result of manufacturer error. 

If you have any other questions I did not address in this post feel free to leave them in the comments below.